Forlorn Outcast is a souls-like game where balancing powerful magic and combo-filled melee combat is a constant struggle. The world of Tilsa is invaded by demons that feast on magic and those gifted with magic. Casting spells may alleviate your suffering temporarily, but be warned, excessive magic empowers your foes and is a one-way ticket to an early grave.


Griever Games is an indie game studio founded in 2019. The small development team consists of talented game enthusiasts located all over the world. United by our disappointment with game developers' complacency to stick to the norm in game design, we set out on a journey to make our first passion project, Forlorn Outcast, a reality.


  • Limitless Magic: Often magic is restricted by point systems or available casts; in the world of Tilsa, magic is unlimited and unmatched. Carelessly expelling magic attracts magic feasting demons and gives rise to magic resistant demons. The only magic limitation is your own ability to live with the consequences.
  • Dynamic Difficulty Balancing : Based on your ability, magic use and manner of progression, scenarios and enemy behaviors will change in real-time. Enemies will be better prepared, gather in larger numbers, lay traps, and send Stalkers to hunt you down, wherever you may hide.
  • Enemy Variety and Synergy: Only fools rush into combat against demons capable of enhancing one another. Demonic buffs and curses allow demons to grant one another strength, manipulate your senses, and die twice. Encounters with hordes of demons require tactics and skill. No two encounters are the same.
  • Attributes as Currency: Every stat point sacrificed and awarded determines your struggle to survive. Trade maximum constitution for a reduction in the demons’ power, hunt down the demon who slaughtered you to regain the attributes sacrificed on death, or pay for victory over a relentless boss with hard earned attribute points; sacrifice only what you can afford, martyr.
  • Melee Combo System: Magic is not your only recourse. A mythical blade capable of transformation stimulates engaging and exciting melee combat. Extensive use will unlock powerful attacks to aid your journey.
  • Boss Battles: Brutal bosses present an unforgiving challenge to anyone daring to approach. Find their weakness in the demon infested world of Tilsa and you may live to see it free of demons.


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Original Soundtrack (OST)
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About Griever Games

At Griever Games we want to create unique and engaging gameplay experiences worthy of players' valuable time. We aim revive the good old days with unique game mechanics and game design like providing the player with true challenges, narrative driven experiences and bringing back the joy of experiencing the unexpected.
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Forlorn Outcast Credits

Zack Strife
Lead Developer, Programmer
Jamie Wilcock
Aesthetics Lead, 3D Artist
Julian van Bree
Jared Swets
Narrative Designer
Antoine Spodobalski
Allante Hall
3D Artist
Louis Bisignano
3D Artist
Leo Varas
3D Character Artist
Mateusz Grzesiak
Richard Titheradge
Sound Designer